Although the iterative cycle of Data Science is usually more involved, for our purposes the HackOH5 Hackathon will roughly breakdown into three (not-necessarily sequential) steps that reflect our three teams:  Data Wranglers, Data Analysts and Data Visualizers.

Here are a few resources to give you a first look at each stage and a tangible idea of what tools we’ll be using on Saturday.

  1. Data Wranglers (Python+Libraries/Jupter Notebook)
    1. Introduction to Jupyter Notebook
  2. Data Analysts (Python+Libraries/Jupyter Notebook and RapidMiner)
    1. Introduction to RapidMiner
    2. Federal Reserve Text Mining (Sentiment, Clustering)
  3. Data Visualizers (Tableau Public)
    1. Tableau Public Overview


Don’t worry if you don’t absorb all the lingo in your first viewing, there will be numerous experts at the Hackathon to explain any questions you have and walk you through each step.  The main purpose of this first Hackathon is to expose you to the overall process and tools as well as the critical analysis and general flow of Data Science.